Chelsea Lane Fairground Lights!

Well the fickle hand of fate works in mysterious ways. After being seduced by the online goddess of Alibaba, Blumenwatts found ourselves in the posess of many many boxes of pretty pretty lights.

Rather than sit on our illuminated haunches, we created a project and client to eat up these little beauties. Along comes Indesign International, working on  a re-design of Chelsea Lane, out the back of the Mercure Hotel in Brisbane. Ask and ye shall receive we said, and they did. Powered by the wonders of modern LED lighting, Melbourne Lasercutters created the Corten steel lettering which we then applied our fancy-sparlkly lights to. The end result was nothing less than side-show-spectactular. IMG_5492IMG_5495IMG_5496(1)

Sacchromycees Beer Cafe Southbank

The wonderful ladies at Maytree Studios hooked us up to design and construct custom lights for this new destination venue in southbank. Our design team burned the midnight oil to devise a solution that fitted the clients aesthetic and budget. This range of lights was then happily built in our state of the art Salisbury workshop by a team of highy trained oompaloompas.


Custom Lighting

Blumen Watts makes lights that will make the space. When there just isn’t a light that fits the bill or when you have an idea but just need a bit of help to make it a reality, We can help.  We have the industrial design capacity for the front end ideation and creative work and very experienced electrical contractors on board to ensure that your light will be safe, efficient and be amazing.